About Us


Our Vision

Protect patient safety and access to medicines through thr safe and efficient distribution of healthcare products and services.Create and exchange industry knowledge and best practices to enhance the valoue of health care supply chain. Advocate for standards , public policies and business processes that produce safe . Innovative and cost-effective healthcare solutions.

Our Mission

To achieve our vision we undergo evry day in research . By getting innovation and technical growth will fulfill the vision of Staanmed . Staanmed accomplish own standards towards they dream become true.The majority of concentration on results , but we calculate our efforts even

Our Values And Ethics


STAANMED believe the standards for the good pharmaceuticals solutions.


STAANMED successfully developing innovations in health care solutions.

Coraporate Goverance

At STAANMED we believe, results are important but we also believe how we achieve results is equally important. Our commitment to this principle is the key to sustaining our patients trust and confidence in our company. Our governance structure enables us to manage all the major aspects of the company's business effectively through an integrated process that includes innovation, financial, strategic, risk and process planning.

Environment & Safety

At STAANMED safety within each plant and environment protecting technologies and systems are an integral part of every STAANMED initiative.We understand the importance of safety and environment protection procedures not only at an ethical plane but we also believe that a corporate can make healthy profits by complying with these requirements and in turn better its image and reputation.

IPR Compliance

STAANMED understands that the business segment it operates in is heavily dependent on creativity, innovation and discovery. Accordingly, it believes that in such a business environment only organizations with transparent processes have a chance to survive and grow upwards.

Social Responsibility

STAANMED conducting various community development activities in the villages around the company.